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Zombicide : édition Supernatural en précommande [ livraison Juin 2023 ]

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Includes 3 character packs at a discounted price:

– Pack #1: Dean and Sam Winchester Survivors, Wendigo and Alpha Vampire Abominations, plus 2 ID Cards, 2 Equipment Cards, 2 Abomination Cards.

– Pack #2: Jack Kline, John Winchester, and Bobby Singer Survivors, Leviathan Abomination, plus 3 ID Cards, 2 Equipment Cards, 1 Abomination Card.

– Pre-order exclusive Pack #3: Castiel Survivor, Archangel Michael Abomination, and Crowley Survivor and Abomination, plus 2 ID Cards, 2 Equipment Cards, 2 Abomination Cards.

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